The facials we offer are one of the most popular services at the Spa at Vail Vitality Center. We use Dr. Hauschka products in our signature facial.

Our facials are designed to restore the underlying health and function of the skin. They are meant to heal and balance skin that has been compromised by aggressive treatment or harsh environmental exposure. Your experienced esthetician will select masks, serums and regenerative products specifically for your skin condition.

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Classical Dr. Hauschka Facial

Transcend the ordinary with this holistic approach to caring for the skin. This treatment incorporates the unique lymphatic stimulation, which is the heart and soul of the Dr. Hauschka method.

75 minutes $230

Dr. Hauschka Aromatic Facial

Enliven and nurture the skin with warm lavender compresses, custom masks, herbal ampoules and emollient moisturizers.

50 minutes $155

Epicuren Custom Facial

A unique skin care therapeutic treatment utilizing enzymes and proteins to lift, tighten and tone the skin.

50 minutes $155
75 minutes $230

Gentleman’s Facial

A treatment tailored for men emphasizing deep cleansing and exfoliation, herbal steam, pore extractions, and specific masks for your skin type.

50 minutes $155
75 minutes $230

SIGNATURE Dr. Hauschka Facial

Unlike anything you have experienced. All of the benefits of our 75 minute treatment and more. Your head, shoulders, feet and hands are cocooned with the warming oils of neem and rosemary. As stress lifts from the body the face emanates a radiant glow.

100 minutes $300

Radiant Vitality

A medical grade Diamondtome microdermabrasion treatment complete with ultrasound serum penetration. This facial will transform the skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Expect amazing results.

75 minutes $285

I always have facials in New York, but I look forward to the Classical Dr. Hauschka treatments for healing and rejuvenating my skin at the Spa at the Vail Mountain Lodge. For me, Dr. Hauschka facials are like no other on earth.
Barbara New York City