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 Testing and Assessment

Functional Movement screen (FMS)

30 minute screen plus a full report $45

Body Composition Analysis

30 minute evaluation follow up $40

We have partnered with Benjamin Stone, founder/owner of Sigma Human Performance to offer metabolic testing here at the Vail Vitality Center.

meatabolic testing nutrition enduranceThe metabolic test will outline your target heart rate zones, identify your fat burning rate at rest and target your zones where your body metabolizes the most fat.

From there, our team will identify a program to burn more fat, increase endurance and perform at a higher rate for longer periods of time.

Whether you’re looking to dramatically improve your level of performance or simply take off those last few pounds, we have the programs for you. By designing a workout, weight management and nutritional program specifically for you, our highly credentialed team can help you reach your peak potential through unmatched programming in physiology, nutrition, strength and conditioning and coaching.

You will experience significant improvements in fitness, weight loss and overall performance. No matter your fitness level, our programs will help you achieve all your goals.

Testing starts at $349. Call us at 970.476.7960 to learn more.

$349 for a single test (either bike or run) $598 for both tests (must be completed within a 2 week period.

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Testimonial for the Sigma metabolic test and nutritional plan.

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Dr. Ben Stone

About Ben Stone

Benjamin Stone is the founder of Sigma Human Performance, a company invested in establishing the most direct routes possible for anyone seeking an improvement in physical performance, vitality, and preventive wellness. During his undergraduate degree at The University of Central Arkansas, where he would later become a lecturer, Benjamin Stone first developed his appreciation of human physiology.

He then went on to study at the University of Oxford where he obtained advanced degrees (D.phil) in Human Physiology (with emphasis on metabolism and exercise). During his time as a student at Oxford, he assisted and coordinated numerous doctoral research projects with the Oxford University Neutraceuticals Group, British Olympic Medical Institute, and Brunel University.

His specialties include training through modes of endurance exercise that focus specifically on individual energy systems, creating nutritional protocols for improved resting economy, and carbohydrate and fat oxidation for weight management. Ben has trained hundreds of individuals whose interests are as diverse as motocross to ultra-running as well as those simply looking to optimize health and improve quality of life.

As the founder of Sigma, Ben has a refined belief that the most efficient method of training for any outcome (whether athletic or lifestyle-related) lies in the profound understanding of the nutritional impact on specific energy systems responsible for performance of any nature.