Lisa DeKoster, Spa and Programs Manager

Lisa DeKoster, Spa and Programs Manager


Lisa DeKoster, Spa and Programs Manager at Vail Vitality Center.  She is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. 

She is a certified massage therapist and licensed esthetician at the Vail Vitality Center. Lisa began her career with Vail Mountain Lodge 30 years ago as the massage therapist for the architect and original owner of the property Fitzhugh Scott (at that time it was called The Vail Athletic Club Hotel & Spa). Lisa was appointed spa manager when The Spa became the first treatment center of its kinds in Vail Village and has been servicing repeat clientele for over 30 years.

Lisa is dedicated to treatment development and spa design. Early in her career with the Vail Vitality Center, Lisa traveled to Germany to study holistic skincare at the Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic manufacturing facility. The Dr. Hauschka philosophy for health and well-being helped to shape Lisa’s approach to caring for the skin and optimizing overall health. She created The Spa’s service menu to reflect her desire to bring truly therapeutic treatments to the Vail Vitality Center’s guests.

Lisa’s philosophy for healthy whole living extends to the Vail Vitality Center, which she helped to envision and shape, and that now serves as an advocate for true well-being.

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