A powerful component to overall wellness, massage therapies decrease anxiety, improve energy and vitality, and enhance quality of sleep. Tension seems to seep away as you enter a realm of peacefulness.

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Magnesium Wellness Massage

Magnesium promotes healthy muscle and nerve function, energy and sleep levels, and an overall well-being. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin directly into the cells to supply deficient levels. Our magnesium is in its purest form from the Zechstein Seabed

50 minutes $165
75 minutes $240

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Classical Massage

This massage incorporates a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.

  • $155:  50 minute treatment
  • $225:  75 minute treatment
  • $300:  100 minute treatment
  • Add warm stones:  $20
  • Add Hauschka’s aromatic medicinal oils:  $10

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper massage that assists with chronic pain or persistent muscle tension. The treatment utilizes heat therapy and essential oil of arnica.

50 minutes $160
75 minutes $240
100 minutes $320
Add warm stones $20
Add Hauschka’s aromatic medicinal oils $10


An acupressure technique that stimulates organ function and balance the body’s energy. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

50 minutes $150
75 minutes $225
100 minutes $300


The legs and feet are soothed with warm stones prior to a mineral scrub. Next the feet and hands are treated to an invigorating acupressure massage that relieves tension throughout the entire body.

75 minutes $225

Scalp and Reflexology

We begin with a sage foot soak followed by a warm stone application and pressure point massage on the feet. Next the scalp is brushed and treated to a warm neem oil massage to relieve tension. Extremely balancing.

75 minutes $225

Coffee and Sea Kelp Body Scrub

An invigorating body scrub with organic coffee, sea kelp and pumice.  The treatment is completed with an application of organic coconut cream to promote skin elasticity.


50 minutes $155

Old World Salt Scrub

An exfoliating body treatment that begins with rhythmical skin brushing. Then the old world blend of sea salt, jojoba, sesame and essential oils of mandarine and sage are rubbed into the skin leaving it smooth and moisturized.

50 minutes $155

Herbal Poultice Massage

Thai herbal steamed poultices are pressed and rolled into the muscles to ease soreness, tension and inflammation. This ancient technique from Thailand prepares the muscles for the massage that follows.

75 minutes $225