signature spa treatments

signature spa treatments

Our renowned signature spa treatments go beyond a sensual journey and deliver a variety of our offerings in one package. In these treatments we brush the skin or exfoliate with natural minerals for cleansing, which helps with dry skin that is common in high altitude areas such as Vail.  All include therapeutic massage to guarantee a deep state of relaxation.


Restoring your spirit begins with a foot soak. The skin is dry brushed leaving it receptive to the essential oil massage that follows. The chest, neck and face are gently compressed with warm lavender and rhythmically treated. A reflexology-focused, scalp and foot massage complete your transformation.
100 Minutes   $300


Combine a shea butter massage with the Brightening Body Scrub and you have an ultimate dry climate body recovery. A facial customized to your skins needs you will leave you feeling fully rejuvenated.
150 Minutes   $370